Emily Butterfly Productions

Edutainment for young audiences

Emily Butterfly is an interstellar story teller who lives to delight children with her magically unique form of puppetry, storytelling and song.

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Oakland Public Library Summer Tour

There are so many wonderful opportunities to have a FAERY GOOD TIME with Emily Butterfly and her puppet friends in Oakland California this summer!!!

Tour Schedule:
Temescal 6/6  Thursday 11am/Address: 5205 Telegraph Ave. 

Piedmont 6/6  Thursday 3pm/Address: 80 Echo Ave.

Children’s Room 6/17 Monday 10:30am/Address: 125 14th St. 

Golden Gate 6/22 Saturday 10:30am/Address: 5606 San Pablo Ave.

West Oakland 6/26 Wednesday 10am/Address: 1801 Adeline St. 

Rockridge 6/27 Thursday 10am/Address: 5366 College Ave. 

Chavez 6/29 Saturday 2pm/Address: 3301 East 12th St., Ste. 271 

King 7/2 Tuesday 11am/Address: 6833 International Blvd.

Dimond 7/2 Tuesday  7pm/Address: 3565 Fruitvale Ave. 

Montclair 7/3 Wednesday 6:30pm /Address: 1687 Mountain Blvd. 

Lakeview 7/6 Saturday 11am /Address: 550 El Embarcadero 

Asian 8/1 Thursday 10:30am/ Address: 388 9th St.